Understanding the user and their needs we work outcome and not output oriented.

Construction in the retail sector is often subject to rules and regulations relating to accessibility, environmental impact, and health & safety, as well as landlord specific guidelines and standards. With the building process becoming more complex, traditional methods of project coordination and reporting need to be adapted and collaboration is increasingly important.

Our work in the retail sector comprises large scale canopies, roof lights in malls, show rooms and bespoke interior solutions. The retail sector is characterised by its ever changing need to respond to its customers, which is also reflected in the construction. The use of steel to construct large spanning, column-free floor plates, allowing a flexible retail layout are already common in the industry. Additionally, we have seen a rising demand for the use of architectural metal in this sector, given its advantages being a durable, lightweight solution that can often be pre-fabricated and therefore be installed faster and more cost effective. Besides being a more adaptable material, it is also re-usable and therefore more environmentally friendly compared to other materials.

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