Manufacturing & Installation

We use materials and fabrication processes in innovative ways and develop bespoke techniques to craft and to realise complex designs.

Key to fulfilling and exceeding our clients’ expectations is our established engineering process and quality control standards which are fully integrated with our fabrication facilities. The majority of the engineering team is located adjacent to the manufacturing facilities which allows for active communication and encourages the trial of innovative ideas to collaboratively resolve project challenges.

For a successful completion of a project, we develop project specific logistics solutions to ensure a timely delivery and efficient installation on-site, based on the confidence we have developed with our network of trusted suppliers through years of collaboration.

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Converting Art Into Architecture

With three production units and cutting-edge technological capabilities, Grankraft holds a strong market presence across the GCC with footprints in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our highly skilled team of around 800 members is our asset, and they are committed to crafting excellence from design to execution. We fabricate products ranging from common profiles and cladding panels to large, complex assemblies, as well as intricate machined parts and components.

By offering engineering and fabrication services we take a holistic approach to the tasks at hand. Being involved prior to project award, we assist our clients not just with engineering advice, feasibility studies, cost and program comparisons but also with material samples and visual mock-ups which are crucial in the decision-making process and build confidence in the design.

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities and equipment ensure accurate and reliable machining to fulfil the most demanding specifications. We continue investing into our facilities such as precision machining, CNC Laser cutting, punching, metal forming, inserting, welding and specialised stainless-steel fabrications as well as research and development to satisfy unique project requirements that allow us to develop bespoke design solutions. We address the challenges of the on-going digital transformation with the most advanced 3d CAM/CAM software and actively review and question our existing processes to improve engineering and fabrication from end to end. Being aware of our responsibility to the environment we are committed to invest in people, technology, equipment and processes to achieve greater efficiencies and explore synergies to reduce energy consumption during the fabrication and installation of our products and the operation of buildings and structures.

Manufacturing Services & Capabilities

  • Design & Fabrication

    Design for fabrication serves as a single source of information for construction projects by seamlessly blending data from the design phase into construction BIM models or shop drawings. Through an industrialised construction process, design models become the basis for fabrication. This workflow can significantly reduce the rework found in the traditional design and construction process and yield big rewards for project owners and stakeholders.

  • Logistics

    We provide building materials to building sites at short notice when the actual construction work gets underway: the materials have to arrive in good time, as construction phases require punctual deliveries. As a result, intelligent production, sales planning, flexible warehousing, and distribution are crucial for the building materials in order to guarantee availability, even at peak demand periods.

  • Metal Works

    Our team of highly-skilled engineers and fabricators are experts in metal fabrication. Thanks to investments in industry leading technology, we also have state-of-the-art robotic welding facilities in-house with the capability to weld parts in 3D. From welding to bending, folding, waterjet cutting, flame cutting, hydroforming, and CNC machining, our in-house team of experts will manufacture the pieces to put together the latest and most innovative designs, no matter form, size, or number.

  • Mock ups

    Get in contact with us to find out more about our pre/post contract visual mock-up construction service to ensure the expectations of all project participants are aligned. There is nothing more important than a smooth workflow to achieve a successful result and we have proved over time that early mock ups are the best tool to ensure this.

  • Network of Subcontractors

    Our network of local and international subcontractors created over multiple years of operational experience facilitates to fulfil the expectations of every client with the highest standards of quality. We manage, coordinate, and supervise the works of our sub-contractors, ensuring a seamless work process to achieve the best results in the industry.

  • OSM - Off Site Manufacturing

    Off-site construction - the prefabrication, modularisation and standardisation of construction processes and assets within controlled factory environments is the catalyst to meet the current construction challenges: productivity, certainty in delivery, skills shortage, and data transparency. Off-site construction offers an alternative by presenting transformative improvements across the asset lifecycle in time, cost, quality and health and safety. But most importantly, off-site construction offers predictability and higher quality control.

  • Special Projects Construction

    Our clients get the best of both worlds: the commitment, responsiveness and lasting relationship of a local contractor, and the expertise, innovative solutions and purchasing power of a large construction organisation. We embrace challenges and tailor solutions. We coordinate building and development and fast-track construction to meet schedules and phase work in operational facilities to reduce the impact on your business. Our teams work with you to realise your vision and build lasting legacies.

  • Supply & Installation

    Upon completion of the design and fabrication stage, our team will deliver and install the components built in our facilities up to the highest industry standards. Our in-house expertise comes from 20 years of experience on the construction industry both locally and international. Our track record of successful projects completed speaks about our ability to handle special requests which require an extra level of commitment towards our clients and towards the projects we work in.

  • Supply Chain

    We manage the relationship between our suppliers and the subcontractors involved in the overall project. This integrated approach is the foundation of success whereby all the stakeholders have a full understanding of the resources, logistics, and the people involved to ensure the project and programme are delivered on time and budget.