Meydan LLC

Design Architect

Teo Ah Khing Design Consultants



Main Contractor

Arabtec and WCT Berhad


Hotel & Residential

Scope of Work

Double curved gypsum ceiling, Limestone & Marble Floorings & Claddings, Entrance door portals in marble, Carpets, SS Canopy, SS & Glass Railings, SS & Aluminum cladding


Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Limestone, Marble, Glass


Dubai, UAE

The Meydan Hotel

Project Summary

A particular highlight of Grankraft’s scope included the manufacturing and installation of the ground floor external canopy and several elements of the interior design. For the stainless steel canopy our engineering and detailing efforts resulted in a reduction of the size of the steel structure, adding lightness and improving the aesthetics of the entrance.

The 51m long wave-shaped canopy that cantilevers 5.5m and is made of individual pieces of rolled finished PPC aluminium plates has a total length of 0.4km and total area of 2200m². Every sheet, which is 100 mm wide is a one-off and lengths vary from 2.4m to 3m. The bending of the stainless steel sheets in three dimensions was carried out on site onto the substructure which had already been developed from the 3d model. To achieve the exact form required, the very latest 3D scanning technology was used to verify the installed geometry against the computer model. For a seamless installation sequence each piece was labelled with a unique ID so that every piece could be located to its pre-defined location. The sub-structure was spaced at 3m intervals. This enabled us to achieve a smooth appearance of the overall surface, avoiding a facetted look and feel.