Design Architect

Killa Design



Main Contractor

Grankraft Industries LLC


Hotel & Residential

Scope of Work

Stainless Steel Pods


Stainless Steel, Mild Steel


Sheybarah, KSA

Sheybarah South Hotel, Red Sea Development

Project Summary

For the Sheybarah Hotel, GKI has developed a logistic plan in which the capsules will be prefabricated in GKI’s facilities in Dubai and will be shipped by sea to the final installation location.

Fabricating the villa pod off-site in our factory increases the quality due to the controlled factory environment. It enables achieving integrated, optimised solutions and coordination of all disciplines, further enhanced through the use of BIM to achieve good design coordination and clash detection between all trades at an early design stage, minimising the potential number of on-site changes as an outcome of the construction sequencing analysis.

Furthermore, the fabrication in our factory not only reduces the cost and time due to higher efficiencies, but also improves health and safety during construction.

A full new production unit has been created in our factory to accommodate the needs of this project and to ensure the maximum quality and accuracy is achieved for the stainless steel shell. The stainless steel panels are first received in our facilities once the production drawings have been coordinated with all trades.