Expo 2020 - Mobility Pavilion

Architectural Metalwork / Fit Out




Aluminium / Glass / Stainless Steel




  • Location Dubai, UAE
  • Client Expo2020
  • Design Architect MET Studio & Foster + Partners
  • Engineer WSP
  • Main Contractor ALEC
  • Status Complete - 2021

Project Summary

The project was designed by Foster + Partners and is part of the Mobility district, one of the three main thematic districts developed as part of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Foster + Partners mention regarding the external look and feel of the pavilion: ‘Its ribbed and curved shape was designed to evoke movement. Its highly reflective stainless steel cladding was inspired by chrome fenders and aircraft wings. It reflects movement from the surrounding areas making the building seem alive and in motion.’

Grankraft’s involvement in the pavilion was the construction of a 12m high stainless steel ribbon and an artistic installation designed by UK based MET Studio which includes a series of glass lenses encapsulated within circular aluminium frames. The aluminium frames are interconnected ones with each other’s to form a 3D lattice of glass and aluminium.

This lattice is hung from the top floor slab and displayed at eye level, creating an immersive experience for the visitors to the pavilion.

The stainless steel ribbon is made of 1mm stainless steel sheets cut to shape to clad a MS subframe. The panels are polished to achieve the reflective mirror effect seek by the exhibition designers in the third act of the exhibition which resembles the future of Mobility in the world. The reflections of lights and colour on the stainless steel panels achieve a futuristic atmosphere for the space.

Grankraft manufactured and installed the multiple components of the art exhibition display and then transported it in bigger sections to the construction site in order to minimize the site activities and ensure a correct quality control and quick installation time.

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