Design Architect

Design International

Main Contractor

Grankraft Industries LLC


Public Art

Scope of Work

6x6 meter Stainless Steel Cube


Mild Steel, Aluminum, Glass


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Presidential Palace

Project Summary

Grankraft’s involvement on Qasr Al Watan complex has been the design and production of various movable stainless steel cladded cubes. The stainless steel used (316L) has a polished finish to ensure the mirrored effect desired.

The cladding of the cube is formed by triangular SS panels with minimal hairline joints in between them. Grankraft overtook a major exercise to minimise the joint sizes both during the manufacturing of the panels and during the installation. This minimal joint width was required to achieve the enigmatic look of the cubes.

The precision and accuracy that has been achieved by Grankraft is visible on the sharp edges and corners of the cube. Millimetric installation was achieved in order to ensure the perfect pointed corners and straight edges of the panels on the corners of the cubes. The surface of the panels is perfectly flat due to the laser cut process utilised to cut the SS sheets into the correct dimensions. The concealed fixings detail was also developed by Grankraft to avoid any visible fixings, spacers, or joint fillers.